What is the Reese Wellness System Program?

The "Reese Wellness Program" contains the Reese Treatment and Analysis Program. Which is the worlds most effect treatment program ever devised. Drawn from 40 plus years of world wide research.

With my program you can find the cause of your health problems and fix them once and for all, no more guess work, no more cookbook lets see if this will work treatments.

Inside you will be able to learn about all of my other great services as well, my contact information is there also.

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Why does nothing you do make you well?

Many things create illness these days, if you miss the key causes for your health problems, you will just keep going in circles and not getting anywhere. It can take a lot of sacrifice for some to be able to get well again. If your are not willing to do some of these sacrifice's then you are unlikely to get well again. The day of the quick fix for many is over.

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My Quantum Energy Healing?

What is Quantum Energy Healing?

I found Quantum Physics wrapped up in a 2000 year old medical system.

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My ( Our ) Story

I really thought my wife would have been dead by now!

From deaths grip over and over again.....

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My Program’s Really Work,When Others Fail!

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Within the “Reese Wellness System”, is the “ReeSet Touch and Tap & Analysis and Therapy Program”.

My Analysis Process:

Your body can tell me what is going wrong, and it can tell me what it needs in order for you to recover. I just need to be able to talk to your body.

How I talk with your body is done thru my instruments.

An instrument analysis is always done by me prior to each of your appointments.

It takes me about 45 minutes to complete this process. Once the analysis is completed, there will be a specific and precise plan created to begin your process of recovery. There is no guess work done. Within the Analysis your body has told me what is going wrong and what  steps to take that it will be needing to fix it.

My analysis system is an Energetic Process, derived from over 27 years in clinical practice and 40 plus years of world wide education and training.

It is my system alone. No one else on the planet has this system.

My system is not about the treatment of disease as defined by the AMA and conventional medical systems.

My system simply finds imbalances, and allows for an action to be taken to re-balance the areas that are having problems in your body both Biologically and Energetically. This is the only clinically true way that the body can become well again, in every sense of the word.

The healing process can not just suppress, mask or cut out the area of the body that is trying to tell you that you have a problem. This only forestalls the eventual breakdown of your body, but at a deeper and more serious level.

The key is in the analysis process. I have designed a special analysis method and protocol that took me many years to figure out and eventually master, and to make it repeatably and clinically effective in gathering information and then acting on this information to create wellness again.

Now with my incredibly unique long distance analysis process that I have developed, you can have the benefits of finding out what is creating your specific health imbalances  without ever having to leave your home or travel to my office. My long distance testing program is set up to be able to do testing with fast and accurate results that you can rely on to deal with what others have been unable to find.

My analysis testing is based on “Quantum Physics”. Using instruments that are sophisticated cutting edge technology brings future health care  here today.

Before you can begin to deal with any of your health issues, you must determine the nature of the historic health injury events as well as current acquired causes and loads on the body.

Few health care practitioners understand that the single hardest part of helping someone back to health, is knowing how they got there and how their body responded to the impact as they moved deeper into the illness process.

All cells in your body learn, and they built in such a manner that they can’t and don’t forget.

Your body and brain cells adapt, and adapt again to the adaptions as time goes by. This process affects the key area within your brain know as the “Limbic System” in a very dramatic way. The outcome is a continuous loop of progressive ab-reactions that cause your body to work in a state of Fight or Flight. That mechanism once set into motion and not stopped when not needed will burn you out and create weaknesses that are impossible to correct with conventional health care system.

Injury and insult are coded into the body in an indelible fashion. Once the illness pattern is established, the body tries to keep compensating for the last thing that injured it. Over time there is nothing but FIGHT or FLIGHT built from all the compensations as a safety mechanism to manage the continued stress on the body. The end result is of this creates a lack of physiological and energetic balance, conventionally know as Homeostasis.

All the brain and body knows is that it needs to try to keep you alive. It does this at a great expense working within your bodies imbalances, and eventually there is a huge price to pay. You may and can last within this onslaught with out any symptoms if you were born into strong family genetic stock. But this strength can work against you in the sense that you do not take care of the genetic gift you were given. Once the adaptations can no longer manage the totality of the load or burden, major symptoms begin to occur. Most of which are nearly impossible by traditional methods to analyze and repair. The longer they are present in your body or improperly managed the more complex the illness can become.

You must be able to determine the beginning first deviations from the bodies primitive stability that your were born with. You need to be able to understand the sequence the body used to deal with deviation from your primitive stability. Then you have to unwind the process in a correct reversal sequence according to how the body want to do this. It is impossible to guess your way through this. You cannot simply intellectualize the process based on medical and health care training alone or on general conventional medical tests.

You need to think in a holographic, out-of-the-box sort of manner, and use techniques that do the same.

It can be done. It often times is a very complex and time consuming process.  Some will come through it in a matter of a few weeks other it can take many months of work. Yet eventually you stop the causes of the breakdown and the negative progression, and begin to regenerate.

You have to determine what is causing injury and making you feel not well, and at the same time prioritize the systematic removal of the causes. This is most often the most missed area of health care. If you miss even a piece of the cause, and don’t deal with it properly and remove it in the correct manner you will not get better.

You will hear of many systems of health care programs and products that get people miraculously better, and you try them and they fail you over and over again. This is because those people just happened to stumble on a program that hit there specific needs. This is what can make you want to give up. This is what brings the lack of hope of ever getting well again.

It creates a sense of failure. If you buy into this, so does you Limbic System and your cells. They listen to you. I have researched every kind of program out there world wide over the years. I have learned what works from them and what does not.

I have learned how to take them and add them into my options for management and therapies. My analysis system finds what you specifically need to do at each appointment. There by creating the correct program for you within each appointment. As you change with your repair so should you program content. I do not try to fit you into someone else’s program and do the lets try this and see approach.

The following are some of the areas that are looked at each time I do my Analysis for you. This process is often done within your hour appointment as well, to find or determine other types of actions to take. Literally 100s of circumstances and issues will be examined for possible causes of your health issues.

This is a partial content and key list that I use to do your analysis:

  • pH issues

  • Pathological bad microbial  such as parasites, bacteria ,fungal, yeast, molds,viruses, mycoplasmas, cell wall deficient species and stealth pathogens

  • Methylation cycle block

  • Heavy metals toxicity

  • Fat stored toxic chemicals

  • Food sensitivities, supplement sensitivities, herbal sensitivities

  • Allergens, inhalants, contactants and a wide variety of chemicals

  • Nutrient and cellular deficiencies

  • Finding out what systems, organ, glands etc in your body are out of balance

  • Hormone instability both male and females

  • Structural skeletal and muscle and tissue problems

  • Limbic system and neuroplasticity problems

  • Your need for Neo-Homeopathy, Homeo-Energetic Remedies

  • Orthomolecular nutrient imbalances

  • Enzymes and cellular functional problems.

  • Environmental toxic loads from many sources

  • And so much much more.

Most things that accumulate over the years that are detrimental to the healing capabilities of your body are Energetic in nature, as well as Physical in presence and impact. These need to be identified and removed in a specialized order. This is a must in order to not create problems from the course of therapy itself, which is all to often the case with many of the people coming to me from other practitioners.

Once the Analysis is done with, I will set up a Suggested Supplements Schedule, Beginning Food and Eating Program , and send any Remedies that you may need.

Also  at each appointment we will doing a therapy process, known as the ReeSet Touch & Tap Program, that will unblock the pathways that are blocked.  Those blocks will be major contributors to why your biochemistry can not do what it should do to help you repair.

The ReeSet Touch & Tap Therapy Program : An Energy Health Care System.

As a clinical Acupuncturist and Alternative and Holistic primary health care provider for over 27 years time, I found during the course of the process that there is much more to the concept of Acupuncture and Asian Medical Theories than what I had been taught in school.

There is indeed a non biochemical non material force or energy that can be injured and repaired. But it is much more sophisticated than the Oriental Acupuncture Medical system ever dreamed of. The nature of this force is much more integrated and complex than most can fathom. When it is blocked or distorted or collapsed you will find illness follows soon after.

Our bodies are multi-level networks of information systems and pathways. They are the reason all of the biochemical actions can and do take place in your body.

Many different researchers from different time periods and from around the world have identified these pathways, and have found a piece to the “Energetic” puzzle.

Many learned people in the health care field from around the world have contributed to the vast knowledge on the subject of Energy Medicine. But like many practitioners, each had only a piece of the truth. They provided me with the parts to the puzzle and I had to put it together.

Once I have determined the historic and current causes of your health decline, via my Analysis process, and the causes are being removed from the Biochemical side of the fence, you then need to deal with the Energetic side, this is “The ReeSet Touch & Tap Program”.

The “ReeSet Touch & Tap” process is a hands on approach that is unique, and built by me from pieces of many other systems that I have trained in. Only the best and most clinically effective aspects of each of the programs that I was trained in over the years are used.

Within my “Reese Wellness System, and the ReeSet Touch & Tap and Analysis and Therapy Program” program through the years and decades the imperfections were discovered and amended in my protocols and systems of practice bringing me to this current point of perfection.

 You will learn more bout this amazing health care system and all of its content as you read and listen to other recordings within my website information options.

Another Program within The ReeSet Therapy Program is:

Reese Chiropathy Program

The ReeSet Chiropathy Program is an addition to my program options, but not new to the Reese Wellness System Treatment options. I have been doing this for many years.

It is now available outside of its use in my normal full appointments, should the need arise.

Many people have called and asked to be able to do just the muscle, ligament, tendon, and structural pain treatments and repairs. This often relates more to the acute side of the fence, but may also be for those with chronic issues as well.

It is not the bones that move and displace themselves as much as it is a series of complex disturbances in the Meridians that travel those areas. Most of the time it is the tissues that are causing the pain or lack of movement.

It is not uncommon for people to go to a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or Massage Therapist for many sessions, and get only short term relief or none at all.

When the muscles, ligaments, and or tendons have been injured, they will be managed best with an energetic approach and with biochemical additions.

In most cases I can tell after two therapy sessions if the problem is just tissue or biochemical. If I determine that it is not just tissue or biochemical, I will recommend that you see your local Chiropractor or D.O. for a work up.

With the ReeSet Chiropathy approach it is easier to be able to stay at home and get the work done, rather than having to go to a practitioner’s office. Chiropathy can be good for any kind of pain related problem anywhere in the body.

Ongoing Motivation and Support

I never leave you to fend for yourself after a few appointments. Once you are a client of mine, you will always be considered a client. I am always available for motivation, inspiration, and support. I will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation. You can always count on me to be right by your side.

See My ( our ) Story to learn more about my education and training journey.




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